Cyber Liability

RSG Sweden provides Cyber liability solutions through EmergIn Risk, a member of the RSG Europe group. The coverage is provided through their E-Cyber policy.

E-Cyber Advantages

1st Party Business Interruption and System Damage Coverage

  • Strong focus on covering 1st party cyber exposures for business enterprise risk
  • Expansive 1st party triggers include broad non-physical perils ranging from malicious attacks to the internal management of systems
  • Full Business Interruption section reimburses not only the loss of net income, but also the cost of mitigating the operational challenges of managing an interruption event and keeping the company moving forward
  • Broad Business Interruption coverage can also be extended to include the enterprise risk in outsourcing to named IT Vendors
  • Triggers extend to provide the cost of repairing, restoring or recollection of any damaged or corrupt data or software applications

3rd Party Privacy and Regulatory Coverage

  • Broad Privacy Breach management and liability coverage
  • Liability coverage includes defense costs and any subsequent damages which arise from a claim against the insured by a 3rd party due to a privacy event or a failure of service due to a cyber event
  • Defense costs as well as any subsequent fines and penalties in respect of a regulatory investigation
  • Crisis response costs triggered by the suspected or actual breach of privacy caused by malicious actors; Such crisis management covers professional fees as well as the costs of notifying and protecting the identity of the affected individuals

Other Policy Advantages

  • Coverage extensions include:
    • Cyber extortion and system ransoms
    • Liability associated with publishing digital media content
    • Computer crime
  • Immediate access to a vendor panel and crisis management, with ability to access vendors for initial 72 hours before having to notify the insurer
  • Crisis response management covers not only the cost of engaging specialists, but also many of the unforeseen expenses for managing a cyber event

Target Industries

  • Airlines
  • Retail & hospitality
  • Manufacturers
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare

E-Cyber Cover Features

  • Tailored cyber products with full cyber coverage up to USD 25,000,000
  • 100% backed by Lloyd’s of London, offering A.M. Best “A” rated paper
  • Ability to write all-sized accounts across different industries and geographies
  • Work with clients to activate a response which engages their strategy
  • Global service capabilities are backed by top-tier vendor solutions


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